Songdo City  

In 2002, Diomede was an initial investor & founder in New Songdo City Development Company, which is building a new city in South Korea called Songdo. We have funded and launched development projects throughout the city and successfully sold our share to Posco Steel in 2009.

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U-Life Solutions  

U-Life Solutions delivers a wide range of managed smart-city services to organizations and residents living and working in Songdo City and Seoul Korea.

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About Us

Diomede Equity is a privately held investment firm that is focused on investing in emerging market companies throughout the US and Asia. Our goal is to find companies with the potential to make a global impact and to help them grow into world leaders. We were founded by a group of Silicon Valley executives with a track record of success in firms throughout Silicon Valley such as Cisco Systems, Yahoo, Adobe, Salesforce, and Apple. If you are a start-up company or are just interested in meeting with our team, feel free to contact us at: